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We are your nationally-recognized leader in school-based services. We work with schools and special needs children to provide special education services to pave the way for lifelong success.

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Best Practices Makes Perfect

Our Field Management Team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who provide support and guidance to our staff. They serve as the liaison between the company and the district.

  • We have provided over 2 million therapy sessions
  • We have created SmartEdTech, a tablet-based therapy program meant to better impact learning
  • We keep a high employee-reserve percentage
  • Our Corporate views align and work with our outreach goals

Watch our short videos below to learn more on how we can help school district partners, what is our school-based travel and ways we support our new grads thru our mentoring programs!

Partnerships for Success

Work with us to build lifelong professional and personal relationships with top specialists in the field:


The Foundations Mentoring Program guides clinicians through their first-year. We provide an enriching experience that will increase their knowledge, and skills.

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Give your students the experience they will need, and new grads the mentoring they require.

Our program mentors are taught by experienced clinicians to ensure program quality and success.

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Tablet Enabled Therapy Program

In collaboration with SmartEdTech, our tablet software is here to assist therapists with tracking and organizing special education programs. The software allows for full customization and dependability based on unique circumstances of the patient's individual needs.

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