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School Services

Working with hundreds of schools in California providing special education services

AlphaVista's team of qualified clinicians, teachers, psychologists and school nurses work closely with you and your staff. We are committed to achieving 100% on-time completion of document filing and documentation standards per school district. We adhere to all Federal and State codes for special education services.

Educators often manage multiple objectives for all their students and parents, including school priorities. They must also maintain administrative best practices, which is one big headache. Let us take over your therapy programs to alleviate the stresses of administration.

Services include:

  • Single point of contact educational programs
  • Clinical supervisory programs
  • Advanced technology management
  • Screening processes, custom solutions and protocols
  • Therapy materials for needed curriculum

Watch our short videos below to learn how partnering with us can help you and how we support our new grads! 

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